Some health insurers reimburse (part of) the costs of alternative care. It is advisable to ask for it before your session.

Feet reflexology

Adults: 45€ (1.00 to 1.15hr)                                                                      Children: 30€ (30 to 45 minutes)



Klankschalen (2)Relaxing with tibetains singingbols  

Groupssession ( minimum 5 persons)15€ par person (1hour)                       (please contact me)

Personnal massage with tibétain singingbols 45€ par person (1hour)   


        Indien headmassage Shiroshampi Adults: 35€ (30 to 40 min.)



Consultation for Personal energetic food, (chinese energetic diet) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine  40€ (1hour)



   Relaxing massage 65€ (1 hr)


     entreprise     Shiatsu on chair  25€ (20 min)                                                                                                                                         



Treatments are by appointment only. Please let me know when you cannot come, so I can make an appointment with someone else.