Indian head massage (SHIROSHAMPI)


What is it?

The head massage, who find his roots millennia in India, is a  wonderful opportunity to bring well-being without obliging those for whom it is not comfortable to lie or to undress. Part of the gesture is about relaxing the neck and shoulders. It can run through clothing, or end-of-body massage with oil

Where are the roots?

Ancient massage technique from India, the head massage, also called Shirodhara massage or Shiroshampi, practiced for thousands of years for its many benefits. It was done by mothers when applied oil on the long hair of their daughters. The goal, originally, was to make hair shinier while sharing a moment of sweetness.

Who benefits of the massage?

A massage, fashion wich has conquered the West and increasingly popular, offers indeed a profound well-being and relaxation particularly suited to our hectic lifestyles and exhausting. In addition, the oil used has a beneficial treatment for hair, improving their appearance and strength. The head massage is a great way to reconcentrate, which is very useful for active people.In total, the head massage helps to release accumulated tension, especially after a busy day, but it also improves the quality of sleep, or relieve headaches and eye pain. It also promotes concentration and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Technique of head massage

This massage is based on the principles of Ayurvedic massage and consists of minute movements with the fingers. During treatment I touch the entire cranial massage, scalp, temples, forehead and ears. Massage oil is used in order to realize the pressure and rotations on the skull.

De benefits of head massage

To enjoy the benefits of this massage technique, it is recommended to lie down for a moment after the session, but also drinking water in high doses to eliminate toxins. Before the massage, trye to relax. Let you totally rock by the actions of the practitioner. Evacuate and find quicker a quietude.